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A professionally-trained Wedding Officiant is a person who is specifically trained in every aspect of The Wedding Day. A Wedding Officiant doesn't need to be an Ordained Minister who is professionally-trained in the creeds and dogmas of a specific religion. A Wedding is not the place to preach or teach guests concerning a particular religion! The Wedding Ceremony is a time to celebrate love. The Wedding Day is all about loving and being loved. The Wedding Ceremony celebrates love in all of its aspects and dimensions, particularly the love of family, and most specifically, the love between a man and a woman that causes them to want to live together in the holy state of marriage.

The Wedding Officiant who is going to marry the bride and groom needs to know how to prepare a very loving and meaningful ceremony.

The Act of Marriage is an action of The State - not The Church of any organized religion. We have separation of Church and State In the United States. A marriage sets up many levels of legalities in a couple's  life. A marriage creates automatic inheritance rights. A marriage creates community property. A marriage establishes the right to be present at death and to make all decisions concerning the death of each other and members of the immediate family. A  married person is possibly now eligible for insurance benefits of their spouse. Marriage provides tax benefits for some couples. While Marriage is a sacred and profound transition in the life of a man and a woman,  it  also creates very binding legal boundaries.

If you desire to be the person who is going to take a couple through this transition and is going to sign The Marriage License that sets up these legal boundaries, you must be a consummate professional.

  • You need to be informed and experienced in the ways of the marriage ceremony from the recessional to the processional.

  • You need to be trained how to inform couples how to get the marriage license and how to obtain the certified copy of the marriage license after the Wedding.

  • You need to have a well-developed, unique and special wedding ceremony to offer to the bride and groom.  The Wedding Specialist  
    provides you with a wonderful Wedding Ceremony to use.

  • You need to be trained to handle any unexpected or embarrassing moments that could develop during the Wedding Ceremony. We have conducted 100's of weddings and have seen just about everything. You need to feel confident knowing that no matter what happens, you can handle the situation professionally and with dignity.

  • You need to be an experienced and professional public speaker and know how to use a microphone.

  • You need to be a member of a team, so there is someone available to conduct the wedding  if you are ill or have an emergency.

  • You need to how how to meet with the photographer, videographer and musicians, prior to the ceremony, so that everyone has their signals straight! We at The Wedding Specialist co-operate with each of these vendors, allowing them to provide  the most extensive videography, photography and music as they are able to give. We have no rules for the photographer. He can be anywhere to get the best pictures. We've had them right in our face to get that great shot of the bride coming down the aisle! We know how to use the videographer's microphones. We have eye contact with the musicians.

  • You need to be successful enough to drive a late-model car that is dependable and will get you to the church on time to conduct the wedding! And the Officiant should  be professionally dressed, either in a clerical/judge's robe or black suit or black dress.

  • You need to have a Contract for Services.

  • You need to offer several different methods of payment, including credit card and Pay Pal.

The Professional Officiant can be very beneficial in pulling  the very  exciting Wedding Day all together, making sure that everything goes according to the plan, or at the very least, make sure that the bride and groom  get married, no matter what happens! And I won't go into all of the stories we could tell here. Just let me tell you one. The bride and groom had planned a beautiful romantic wedding ceremony to be held on the deck of a local hotel that faced the ocean. Two weeks before the ceremony, the hotel began construction of a new wing which closed off the deck where the bride and groom were suppose to have the ceremony! The hotel put the wedding out on the beach in a public gazebo. Behind the gazebo was a block-long cantina that was blasting out reggae music! There were 85 guests sitting in chairs out on the sand, not protected from the sun, surrounded by all of the other people at the beach with beach umbrellas, radios, nearly-naked people, etc. The bride and groom and myself were up in the gazebo. The guests were down on the sand. I knew that the guests were not going to hear a word of the ceremony. The bride and groom were so distressed, the bride was at the brink of tears. I took charge and told them we were going to have the most beautiful wedding ceremony, just like they planned. I told them to just hold hands and look in each other's eyes and let the outer circumstances just fade away and to just concentrate on each other. We began the ceremony and when I declared that they were husband & wife and they kissed, all the guests ---- and everybody at the beach! --- stood and clapped. Afterwards, many of the guests came up to me and said, "It was so beautiful." "The ceremony was just wonderful." And the curious part is I know they didn't hear a single word, but the three of us communicated the ceremony to them by the love that was obvious between the bride and groom and by the vital connection and the vibrant energy between the Officiant and the bride and groom.


You can begin this exciting new career in the wedding business by printing out the Enrollment Form, filling it out, including writing your feelings about marriage and your goals, and rating yourself on the various phases of the Wedding Business.  Then send the Enrollment Form with Your check for $750.00 plus $50.00 Postage & Handling made out to Marcy Cheek, or with your Visa/or MasterCard number and mail it to 24338 El Toro Road Ste. #237, Laguna Woods, CA 92637.   Upon receipt of your Enrollment Form, I will mail you the first two  lessons.   

Why not begin today?  You will be just that much closer to providing yourself with an immensely satisfying way to earn some extra money, and you will have taken the first step also toward your own personal financial independence in a business that is totally stable and inflation proof and  where everyone is always happy!   

Sincerely, Marcy Ann

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