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Wedding Minister Business Training
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Hello!  Welcome to Marcy Ann's 
Wedding Minister Business Training!

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I can tell you, I am totally and completely happy as a Wedding Minister.  I love my job! I am my own boss, I work as much or as little as I want to, and everyone is always SO HAPPY! I own my own business helping a first-time bride experience all of her hopes and dreams for her Wedding Day. (Grooms just say, "what ever you want, honey!")  Second weddings are a wonderful time to help people deepen their understanding of love and marriage. You can also offer Vow Renewals, Wedding Anniversary Celebrations, House Blessing, and  I also do Baby Blessings.  You can also do Funerals and Memorial Services.I will provide you with all of the special ceremonies and blessings. 

I can guarantee you, that no matter where you are in the United States, you Start my own businesscan be a successful Ordained Wedding Minister. Every single wedding needs an Wedding Minister! Many people belong to a church and have a pastor.  However, more and more, couples are looking for an independent Officiant who represents the State and can provide a non-denominational but spiritual   wedding ceremony that celebrates love, trust, respect, fidelity, honesty and family and is not legalistic, religious or long, dull and boring!  A divorced Catholic cannot be married in the Church. A Jew who marries a Protestant needs an independent professional Officiant.   Also, here in California, the Hindu's, Muslims, and Buddhists have their intimate, religious ceremony with their immediate family, and then they have the legal civil ceremony for all of their extended family and friends.  I do these civil ceremonies all the time!    

The New York Times Religious Page in April of 2004 had the first article about the up-and-coming profession of the Professional Officiant. The article is in your Second Lesson.   Even 10 years later, however, the groups who are offering ordination and training are still mostly traditionally ordained men who still must follow the dictates of their particular religious affiliation or church,  and they cannot be as flexible as an independent professional Wedding Minister/Officiant can. 

I will teach you how to be available to all cultures, all traditions, in fact, any couple who comes to you who wants to be married, whether they've been married before, or the bride is pregnant, or whatever the situation is.  You will know how to deal with any situation and provide a loving, romantic, spiritual moment for them to exchange their vows with one another, in the presence of family and friends.   I will teach you how to develop a package that includes everything for these couples.   I will provide you with forms and ceremonies that fit every person's desire.  I will suggest locations for your weddings, including backyards, country clubs, restaurants, hotels, museums, fraternal organizations and City, County  & State facilities.  You will offer Couples in your area an alternative to going to the courthouse to get married!  And they can celebrate with all of their family and friends.

be my own bossThis is a brand new profession! The word "officiant" isn't even in  Webster's Dictionary yet!  You can go to my school, get your training, and be the first person to offer this service in your area.  The first one to do something often blazes the trail, sets the standards, provides the guidelines and reaps the first fruits rewards!

When you are ready to go on the internet, I can suggest a webmaster to create a web page for you, and I will list you as an associate on my #1 Web Page.

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Take a look at my web page www.allcaliforniabeachweddings.com. This is what can be possible for YOU!  


Marcy Ann's Professional Wedding Minister Training Program is a FIVE VOLUME home-study course.  Once you enroll, you will receive the first two lessons.  Then you receive your next two lessons. Once you finish the FIVE VOLUME home-study program, you will graduate and you will receive the advertising and marketing information that will get you fully prepared to start your business.


I AM OFFERING MY 5 VOLUME COURSE FOR ONLY $750.00 (plus $50 postage & handling). Believe me, I do not know of another business where you can invest as little as $750.00  and be able to re-coup all of your money back within three  months of  being in business!   Once you perform three weddings, you will have your money back.   

What is in the Wedding Minister Training Books Volumes One through Five?  You will learn about the History of the Wedding Minister, Western Traditions, The Rituals of all of the cultures of the earth, What is a Professional Wedding Minister, Telephone Etiquette, Meeting the Bride, First Appointments, What's in Your Briefcase, Business Wedding Forms, Contracts, Fees, Deposits, Cancellations, Kitchen Table Ceremonies, No Preferences, Meeting the Minister, Family Dynamics, Premarital Counseling, Wedding Locations, Elocution and Using Microphones,  The Ceremony - Creating Civil, Non-Denominational, Inter-Faith and Religious Ceremonies. Rehearsals, Second and Third Marriages, Children in the Ceremony, Sand Ceremony or Unity Candle, as well as Vow Renewals, Baby Blessings, Memorial Services and Commitment Ceremonies, and much, much more.   Click here for the full curriculum.

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GET YOUR FIRST WEDDING WITHIN ONE MONTH!  If you do everything I list for you in the advertising and marketing pamphlet, you will have your first wedding within one month.     This pamphlet is worth hundreds of dollars, as I will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to jump-start your wedding business.  Once you have performed 3 weddings, you will have already earned back all the money you invested in becoming Certified and will be well on your way to becoming independent and running a nice business for yourself!

The sky is the limit.  You can enlarge and expand your availability to your client as you become more experienced and depending on how hard you want to work.  This is a 24/7 business!   You can work as much as you want and make as much money as you want.  The Wedding Business is working nights and weekends, so you can begin conducting weddings and still work at your regular job until your wedding business becomes full-time.

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In addition to providing you a great part-time, second income, many of your current day-to-day expenses will become tax write-offs.  Driving your car, a home office, utilities, your computer and all computer supplies, your telephone, your cell phone, all of this becomes an expense.   I take at least one seven day retreat every year as a spiritually-uplifting and refreshing educational experience which I deduct as business expenses. 

Even if you never do one single wedding after you complete the course, I guarantee you that the material that you study in my course will introduce you to a whole wide world of love and beauty.  Studying my wedding ceremony and the presentation of it to the bride and groom will enrich your own life and teach you successful relationship principles.    Just studying the various cultures and rituals and ceremonies of the world will broaden your perspectives.  You will learn good business practices that can help you in your day-to-day life.   You will be enriched in ways you never dreamed of,  just taking the course for personal reasons.  And perhaps it would help you realize your own hope and dreams and personal desires. At the very least, you will  become more successful and create more happiness for yourself!  Irich wedding businessf you have any questions, you can e-mail  MCheek0509@aol.com.


Begin today by filling out the Enrollment Form, including writing your feelings about marriage and your goals, and rating yourself on the various phases of the Wedding Business, and submitting it on-line.  You can pay in full or you can make payments. Begin with $200 and make 4 payments of $200.00 each, or 3 payments of $300 each as you are taking the Course.   After you enroll, if you are making payments, I will mail you the first two lessons!If you pay in full up front, I will send you the entire course with all supplemental info and Advertising & Marking Pamphlet, so you can begin advertising & marketing yourself right away, earning the money to pay for the course as you go   You will be on your way to a new and exciting day-to-day experience in the Wedding/Celebrations Business.   Why not begin today? Let my 20 years experience teach you everything you need to know.   You will be just that much closer to providing yourself with an immensely satisfying way to earn some extra money, and you will have taken the first step also toward your own personal happiness and more financial independence in a business that is totally stable and inflation proof and  where everyone is always happy! 

What have other students said about the course?  

That one idea you gave me to get business was pure genius. To be honest with you I had my doubts about your course early on...but all doubt is gone now! This will be the best money I have ever spent.  Thank you!   Ernie in Nashua, New Hampshire

Hi Marcy Ann, Here are the answers to the questions for the first two lessons.   I have to say I "hemmed and hawed" over whether to spend the money for your course and just try to figure it out by trial and error. Well, I definitely made the right decision. I truly applaude you!  I am learning so much.   Sincerely,  Carol in Stevensville, MD

Hi Marcy Ann, I just did my first wedding!  and I loved doing it! I felt so comfortable and confident.  Your course was the biggest help.  I can't thank you enough.  Cindy in Brewster, MA

All of my graduates are being very successful. Some still work a full-time  job and perform weddings on the weekends to pick up the extra money.   You can get out of debt or just live a better quality of life with the extra money you will make as a Wedding Minister.  I worked my day job for the first few years.   What a great day it was when I quit my day job and became my own boss, working full-time running my own business, www.allcaliforniabeachweddings.com. e are some of my graduates - see what they are now doing!


Jeff began conducting weddings for Marcy Ann right after Marcy Ann married Jeff and Heather in January of 2005. Jeff has graduated from Marcy Ann's Professional  Wedding Officiant Training School. Jeff and Heather, are very involved in the organization called  LANDMARK EDUCATION.  Landmark Education teaches “the freedom to be at ease no matter what the circumstances and the power to be effective in those areas of your life that matter most to you.”  Landmark Education offers integrated programs that address a person’s ability to think beyond what is known and the ability to operate effectively in fulfillment of new possibilities.make money doing weddings

   Start my own business 

Jeff & Heather & Jake

Rev. Jeff conducts non-denominational, inter-faith and civil ceremonies.   He has conducted wedding at all types of locations in Orange County.

JAIRO VANDERRAMAbe my own boss - 714-322-6841

 Rev. Jairo is a Graduate of Marcy Ann's Professional Ordained Wedding Minister/Officiant Training Program. Rev. Jairo was born in Colombia and speaks Spanish fluently and is available for spanish-speaking wedding ceremonies. Rev. Jairo also can provide services on a beautiful yacht at the Oceanside Harbor (www.azureseasoceanside.com)for up to 50 people.    Rev. Jairo is retired from serving for over twenty years in the criminal justice system for the City of Westminister.  He currently teaches Traffic School at many Orange County locations.    Rev. Jairo conducts non-denominational, inter-faith and civil wedding ceremonies in Spanish at all Southern California hotels, country clubs, restaurants, chapels and yacht clubs.

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The following  Officiants are graduates of Marcy Ann's Professional Wedding Officiant Training School.  They are conducting their services in the following locations:


rich wedding business BEVERLY SCHREIBER
Beverly is my oldest daughter, and has been conducting weddings for me since December of 2003.  She has moved to Texas and is now available for weddings in the greater Dallas area.    She is a Graduate of my Proofessional Wedding Officiant Training School.   She has a personal and close relationship with the brides and grooms she marries, putting her heart into every wedding she conducts, and she has a very  “warm & fuzzy” presentation of the wedding ceremony.  She has excellent skills in coordinating all of those last-minute details of getting the wedding started and finished!   She delights in doing as much for you on your Wedding Day as she can – to eliminate as much stress as possible for you and have the day be very memorable and special.    Beverly’s husband of 30 years, Joe, is the senior director of trade show exhibits for Freeman Decorating.
  make money doing weddings

Richard Grasso

Richard is THE very first graduate of my Professional Wedding Officiant Training School.  Richard has been conducting weddings now since April of 2003.  Richard’s primary area for weddings is Los Angeles.  He is a Notary and has fulfilled the special credentials to issue the Marriage License for the County of Los Angeles.  If you want to come to California on a weekend and be married, Richard can marry you in Los Angeles AND issue the Marriage License for you. (Orange County does not allow the marriage licenses to be issued by an Officiant. You have to be in Orange County during the week before the wedding to get your Marriage License.)  Richard does beach weddings in Malibu and Santa Monica and provides a mobile wedding service in Beverly Hills and Hollywood as well as all other parts of Los Angeles.  d’s telephone number is 310-430-0469. For Los Angeles weddings, please call or e-mail Richard directly.

Start my own business

Rev. Aline Rozak


Aline is a graduate of Marcy Ann's Professional Wedding Minister Training School.  She conducts weddings at all locations in San Diego, including the beach!

Aline  recently was named #1 for beach weddings in San Diego By The Knot.

be my own boss


Rev. Vivian Gulliford

Rev. Vivian is a non-denominational minister and professional officiant.  Under the laws of the State of Florida, she is authorized not only to perform your wedding but to also perform Baby Baptisms, Vow Renewals and Affirmations of Love.  She believes in family, unity, respect, trust and honesty and that love has no bounds.  She welcomes the opportunity to create the most perfect memory for you on your Special Day!    Call her to see how she may best assist you.   2007 Graduate of Marcy Ann's Professional Wedding Officiant Training School.


Cell: 407-256-2866

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Rev. Trudee White at Evans Chapel, Denver University   Non-Denominational Minister

2007 Graduate of Marcy Ann's Professional Wedding Officiant Training School

Cell Phone:  303-396-8027 Call for information.


Rev. Sylvia Smith - non-denominational minister - at one of her weddings at the West Virginia State Capitol Building - 2007 Graduate of Marcy Ann's Professional Wedding Officiant Training School 

    Cell:  304-382-3671 or 304-562-0615                        Willow Tree Weddings, Culloden, West Virginia


Rev. Lucinda Graham - non-denominational minister - at one of her weddings on The Cape.  2007 Graduate of Marcy Ann's Professional Wedding Officiant Training School.
Call 508-896-8121


Are you ready to get started? Go to the Enrollment Page and sign up today.   Let me help you begin a new adventure of blessing and prosperity, helping brides realize all of their hopes and dreams for their wedding!

Sincerely, Marcy Ann, www.marcyann.com, as featured on Entertainment Tonight, Bridezilla, Woman's Entertainment Network, and Life Moments.   
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Marcy Ann Cheek

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